Is Mauritius Orange/ Mauritius Telecom infected with Illuminati members?

Pay high prices get extremely low download speed. "We will rip off your money, get you frustrated, will introduce new technological scams such as 4G and make you believe that you will get high speed. We will crush all other companies that try to give you high speed and make them seem as to be inexistant." 

Public Communication was made for the benefit of all. But some people just use it for public detriment. I make use of it to make you aware of their conspiracy...until they decide to cut off this site like all the others. God bless the killuminati warriors who fight for peace and enlightenment.

The negative disgusting minds mixed themselves with the positive clean minds in order to make you go astray, make you fall off the road to happiness and prosperity and spiritual awareness.

Remember: While good people at the Mauritius Telecom do their best for the Mauritian population, there are some that control even the high puppet masters, i.e. they are an army of godfathers, who sometimes fight among themselves. We have already seen how they control the education. Hence, they control the engineers. The poor engineers think they are making progress but little do they know that they are serving a wrong purpose. WE ARE SO BRAINWASHED. I sometimes feel I need to take a bath in Grand-Bassin to clean my mind.

Illuminati have so much great technology that 4G is for them just like the invention of the 'bird carrying a letter system'. Do you remember that Mauritius Telecom had once a logo of a bird flying with a paper at its feet? Hmm... But why do they do this? Just to keep you under control. They make your mind slowly adapt to technology so that your brain has time to devolve naturally. It's called adaptation. Over time, your appendix has reduced in size (comparing to the former human animal). It only plays a minor immunity role now. Your brain also will be like zombies later on, just by the application of technology in your daily life.

How Illuminati/freemason in Mauritius control your everyday life

"We are democratic, We are free, We are united. Nous sommes la nation arc-en-ciel."
 The above statement is my, your, everyone's vision...apart from the Illuminati. Their goal is to destroy our beliefs in our religion, in God and in unity. DIVIDE AND RULE is their motto. But they do not know that we (killuminati people) have another motto: UNITE AND LEAD!

Here's how these evil people control your everyday life, in order to stop you from being one with the supreme God:

  1. They control education. You can only make correct decisions with correct information. Since your primary classes, you are being brainwashed.They mix up logic with their own goals. They teach you things that will make them progress towards their goals. You think you're a damn intelligent person? Your brain might be functioning well, but not your intelligence for sure. I even remember on the wall of the class there was written TIME IS MONEY. Which good values tell you that time is money? Which religion or belief in God tells you that time is damn money?!! EACH TRUE RELIGION AND BELIEF DEVOTED TO GOD TELLS YOU THAT YOUR TIME SHOULD BE DEVOTED ONLY TO GOD AND NOT IN MATERIAL PURSUIT. So rise up my fellow killuminati people. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. Acquire the right knowledge.
  2. They control politicians. Politics is their biggest trump card. You think there are there 2 parties? With each one competing to be the government? That's the biggest lie ever. Even the PM and the Opposition Leader are neighbours. They both work for the same goal and this goal is surely not to make the Mauritian people reach the supreme one. Where do they get money for elections? From the big companies of Mauritius. So it is logical that rules are made in favour of the companies and not the Mauritian people. How can an island lost in the middle of nowhere get all the favours of the great nations? Surely, the one negotiating for the money is a member of some big sect, i.e. Illuminati. From the recent evolution of politics in Mauritius, I saw that politicians will soon start to use attractive, sexy personalities in order to get votes from men.
  3. They control the media. Well, you should already be aware of this one. How the local television brainwashes the people by showing what 'good things' politicians are making in the country. I am not against these good things. I am against the purpose behind these good things. Can you name some local newspapers/radios which have focused on the Illuminati? None. Media: by definition it also incorporates films and so on. We Mauritians have access to free porn, free films over the internet via torrent and so on. Our mind has evolved in a way which it shouldn't have evolved. Part of our brain thinks only about sex. Sex makes you fall off the road leading to God. Here what goes in your mind: "I make sex with my partner so I'm not doing anything wrong. Everybody does it." If this is what goes in your mind then congrats you are a decorated puppet of the Illuminati.
    I have a word for the men. Keep your semen. Semen will liberate you from the cycle of life and death. How many of you have researched on how go be in good health, how to attain perfection and so on? You did hinduism, islamism and so on in school. So what? Do they talk about how the semen is the key to your liberation? No! I suggest you (disregard of your religion and gender) research on semen and it's real purpose in the spiritual sense. Kama (pleasure) is a step towards liberation only after grihastha (marriage). Control your senses. You are the driver of the vehicle.
    Social media encourages you to do the act against God. "Meet local singles in Mauritius." Let's use the social media to make the act towards God.
    The music industry in Mauritius is beginning to move more towards sexual acts. Beware.
  4. They control medicine. I bet even doctors do not have knowledge of effect of medicines on the pineal gland. Well i'm not a doctor, nor a science person, but I'm a killuminati person, and I'm totally going to expose the deceptions of the drugs used. You have a health problem? You take medications? Well, me too. Doctors and medicines are a second life for me. Did you know that you belong to the pharmaceuticals industries? Part of your gene has already been altered without you knowing it. All this due to the drugs used. You mind starts to wander off and think in an irrational way, which the Illuminati wants.
  5. They control food. So you eating meat? Eating vegetables? You are vegan? You are a meat lover? My mouth is already watery thinking of the delicious foods. But hell all this is just bad. Meat is usually bad however you cook it and in whatever circumstances you eat it. I bet you are thinking: "This is nature's law, now we are the supreme creatures and we eat the lower creatures. Meat contains essential nutritive factors for my good health." Well, then your  mind is just as dirty as the food. Clean your mind. Eat good food. Switch to vegetarianism.
    I have long thought, "being a vegan, am I free from the Illuminati's control?" Well partly yes. Yes because positive energies come to me faster (meat you eat blocks positive energy). And also I'm free from the bad karma of an animal being killed just for my supper. And then I furthered my research. There are now GM foods (genetically modified). Altering the adaptation time of an organism is bound to be bad. Nature has its own way, its own time. You think that this is good because people in poor countries have now access to food? You also are eating this food. A great man and spiritual leader (Gandhi ji) once said "There is enough food and material on this Earth for every human being alive but not enough for even one man's desire or ego." Even vegetables nowadays affect your mind. Making your mind inferior to theirs is their goal. What's the solution? Cultivate your own vegetables. I bet none of you is willing to work the land. If so, you continue to be enslaved.
  6. Use of mobile phone and television to change your mind. Talking on the phone all day long? Watching television? Every cell in our body has a frequency which makes the cell carry out its function. What if this frequency was changed? It is evident that the cell's function will change. When you put your mobile phone close to your ear, head while in a call, it emits high level of radio waves. These radio waves affect your brain. It makes your mind disturbed, makes you feel sick and you are not able to use your brain at it's normal capacity. Moreover, if you phone is on charge (plugged-in) while you are on a call, this will drastically affect your brain. Positive frequencies will become negative and vice-versa.
    Have you ever wondered if the big antennas that communication companies put on high towers affect you? This is probably yes. They will tell you it is safe, the radio length is safe. This is just a plain lie.
    Have you heard about subliminal messages? It is the passing on of a message in the subconscious part of the brain without the person being aware of it. Our local television passes messages via all sorts of programs/shows. For private companies it is worse. They can make you start loving a show which you hated long ago, just by passing a subliminal message. Right now, your brain is filled with those messages, which makes you do things you don't want to. It can be via SUBLIMINAL PUBLICITY. A common example is McDonald, in other countries. This is how it works: A rapid flash of images or image appear on the television, ordering you do to something, such as buy a soft drink. You won't see it as it is too fast. However, this image is being stored in your subconscious. After processing this image, the conscious part of your brain will be ordered, by the subconscious part of the brain, to buy the soft drink.